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Note: The following pages will be added soon.  Meanwhile, please check out the sites featured in our Green Resources page and send your ideas for this “Take Action” section via our Contact page.

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As members of the music industry, artists and fans, first we must Raise Awareness and then we must Take Action to operate more sustainable businesses and lives.   When examining each part of our businesses, careers, or lives we need to re-think how we consume resources and the waste that we generate.  In every aspect of this industry and our lives from promotion to touring, there are often more eco-friendly alternatives to consider.

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Throughout the sub-pages of this section we outline the green challenges we face in this music making business and provide solutions while keeping in mind the “triple bottom line” (Andrew W. Savitz) of People, Planet and Profit.

On the Green Organizations page, we highlight selected like-minded organizations who share the philosophies of the Green Music Alliance and encourage you to visit their sites, support them and join them.

These pages are meant to be kept alive and will grow over time with your input, so if you have had good (or bad) experiences with green solutions then please let us know via our Contact page and we will update the website for others in our community to benefit.

Also, for more information, visit the sites featured in our Green Resources page.

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