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Fans’ Cars (Not Bands’ Buses) Have The Largest Carbon Impact

May 26th, 2008 · Leave a Comment

There is much talk about biodiesel buses and the sustainability of tours, but these factors which are in the band’s control are just part of the picture.   The largest carbon footprnt impact is from the fans commuting to the live events along a tour.

Larger tours are trying to address this concern with ideas such as the Coachella AMTRACK Express train used in Las Angeles to use of PickupPal carpooling by masses of fans.

PickupPal is working with the low-carbon-footprint-minded tour company Portland-based Reverb to extend their services to tour-going fans across the U.S including The Dave Matthews Band who is using them for their full 40-city tour. Barenaked Ladies and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are some of the other acts that have used Reverb’s services, which include reducing waste, getting biodiesel for tour buses and purchasing carbon offsets.

PickupPal is a new very web 2.0 online service that links eco-minded drivers with people who need a lift with the aim of minimizing everyone’s carbon footprint.  On their website they have a CO2 emissions  calculator which reads nearly 375,000 lbs of CO2 avoided.

Here’s a somewhat-cheesy clip showing how this service works:

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How To Calculate Your Music Business Carbon Footprint

May 17th, 2008 · Leave a Comment

There are many online resources and services available to assist you and your company in calculating and understanding your Carbon Footprint.   Some recommended sites include:

  1. Live Earth Live Impact Calculator
  2. Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth / Climate Crisis Site Calculator
  3. The Nature Conservatory’s Carbon Footprint Calculator
  4. Carbon Footprint Calculator
  5. Environmental Protection Agency’s Calculator

Additionally, there are these recommended books available on for pages of detailed information:

  1. Carbon Strategies: How Leading Companies Are Reducing Their Climate Change Footprint
  2. How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: 365 Simple Ways to Save Energy, Resources, and Money

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How Sub Pop Used Green Tags To Offset 100% of Energy Use

May 17th, 2008 · Leave a Comment

Running a music business takes energy.  No matter how “Green” you become you still require electricity to keep you business going, but there is a way to completely eliminate your Carbon Footprint using “Green Tags.”  Green Tags are renewable energy credits that you our your company can buy to offset your energy use.

Sub Pop Records (Nirvana, The Shins, Postal Service, and more) became the first Green-e certified record label in the United States in July of 2006 by purchasing Green-e Certified Green Tags to offset 100% of their energy consumption.

To embark upon the zero carbon footprint path, you must first calculate your organizations carbon footprint using one of several resources available in the Carbon Footprint section of our Resources page.

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